Janco Best

Janco is an innovative multifunctional rod holder, designed by an expert team of sport fishing. The rod holders are made of top quality materials, resistant to corrosion by sea water and atmospheric agents, which distinguish it from the common rod holders for unparalleled strength and very high reliability.

The rod holder is tilting (20 lock positions) and rotating (40 lock positions). Thanks to its structure you will not have recessed holes on your boat, making the mounting of the holder clean. Janco Best offers the possibility to use fixed stops for deep boiling.

The Janco Best can be made in different colors, to fit the boat and your tastes.

Main features

Tilting and rotating

20 and 40 locking positions


fixed stops for boiling depth

Clean assembly

No built-in holes


In many colours


Made of aluminium and AISI 316L

Janco Best en

JANCO BEST was born thanks to Mario Cordasco, able to combine the passion for fishing to his experience in the field of mechanical construction.

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